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One goal of this Teachers Guide is to provide as much material as possible free from copyright infringement issues.  Nearly all the material is "fair game" for any educational effort.  Only in a couple circumstances is acknowledgement needed for material.  Also, a number of natural resource professionals and Michigan educators have reviewed the content of these pages for accuracy and balance.  We thank them for their time and consideration in the development and improvement of this educational tool.

If portions of this website are used for educational materials, please cite "Bill Cook, Michigan State University Extension" as the source.  If a full citation is requested for non-commercial publications, please cite "Bill Cook, Michigan State University Extension, Forest Biomass Innovation Center, 6005 J Road, Escanaba, MI  49829".  For commercial applications, please contact Bill Cook via email at

For bibliographic citation, the following is suggested.  Cook, William.  2001 (revised 2010, 2019).  Michigan Forests Forever Teacher's Guide Website.  Michigan State University Extension, Agriculture Hall, East Lansing, Michigan, 48824-1039. 

Project Funding
Michigan State University Extension
Michigan Forest Resource Alliance
Michigan Forest Foundation
Michigan Forest Association

Michigan Technololgical University
School of Forestry and Environmental Forestry

1400 Townsend Drive
Houghton, MI 49931

Beetle Life Cycle, image #0284015,, Painting by Richard Kliefoth, Photo by Ronald F. Billing.
Asian Long-horned Beetle, American Pest
White Pine with Blister Rust,, Jana Albers, Minnesota DNR.
Sudden Oak Death, Photo: P. Svihra, UCCE, Marin County,
Asian Ladybird Beetle, USDA Agricultural Research Service.
Great Lakes Images,
Michigan Sea Grant & Michigan State University, East Lansing, MI  48824-1222
Historical logging photos in the Wood Products Section,
Minnesota Historical Society (copyrights in effect).
Hydrologic Cycle Image, I
nstitute of Water Research, Center for Remote Sensing, Michigan State University.

Great Lake Images
Michigan Sea Grant College Program
Michigan State University
334 Natural Resource Building
East Lansing, MI  48824-1222

Historical logging photos in the Wood Products Section
Use of these images in formal material need to be credited as follows.
Minnesota Historical Society
345 Kellogg Boulevard West
St. Paul, MN, 55102-1906
(copyrights in effect)

Michigan Curriculum Framework Links
Charlotte Kindler
Escanaba Junior High School
1500 Ludington Street
Escanaba, MI  49829

Hydrologic Cycle Image
Institute of Water Research
Center for Remote Sensing
Michigan State University
115 Manly Miles Building
East Lansing, MI  48824

Project Learning Tree
Many of the activities on this website reference Project Learning Tree (PLT) activities.  PLT has copyrights on these activities but has granted permission to provide outlines to render a general ideas of what each activity covers.  There are two PLT activity books, one for Pre K-8 and another for high school (recent revisions).  There are also a number of special modules available through PLT.  For more information about PLT, visit the national website at and the Michigan PLT website at

Reviewers of this Website
Tom Abramson, Science Coordinator, Delta-Schoolcraft Intermediate School District
Craig  Albright, Michigan DNR Wildlife Management Division
Dave Andersen, Michigan State University Extension, Schoolcraft County Extension Director
Kathie Arney, Michigan DNR, Forest, Mineral, and Fire Management Division
Bill Frederick, Natural Resources Conservation Service
Justin Hall, Michigan State University
Jodi Kaiser, Michigan Forest Resource Alliance
Charlotte Kindler, Escanaba Schools
Ron Kinnunen, Michigan Sea Grant & Michigan State University Extension
Frank Laurence, Georgia-Pacific Corporation
Sherry Martine MacKinnon, Michigan DNR Wildlife Management Division
Georgia Peterson, Michigan State University Extension

Principal Author
Bill Cook
Michigan State University Extension
Forest Biomass Innovation Center
6005 J Road
Escanaba, MI  49829


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