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This website was particularly designed for Michigan teachers.  After the initial publication of the website, a number of teachers requested PDF documents of the on-line material.  While nearly all the web pages can be printed directly from an Internet browser on only a few pages, the PDF documents combine pages to better include similar topics.  Of course, “hardcopy” files are updated less often and cannot contain the dynamic page-linking of a website.  The PDF documents are also formatted similarly so that all of the website content can be downloaded for printing or digital storage.  This revision of the MFF project was funded by the Michigan Forest Foundation through a grant to MSU Extension.  Not included in these PDF documents are the on-line Internet references, keyed pages to the Michigan education standards and benchmarks, and the linked activity suggestions.

Currently (2019), these PDF documents will not be revised until the webpages are all current.


Welcome & Orientation (140 kb)

Fun Facts (229 kb)

FAQs About Forestry (115 kb)

Background Essays (2965 kb)

MFF Glossary (430 kb)


Section One - Tree Basics

Forest Descriptors (1622 kb)

Tree Identification (428 kb)

Michigan Forest History (1813 kb)

Land Survey (135 kb)

Map & Compass (476 kb)

Forest Trends (885 kb)


Section Two - Forest Environment 

Tree Physiology (484 kb)

Forest Ecology (561 kb)

Wildlife Ecology (587 kb)

Forest Health (249 kb)

Nutrient and Water Cycles (706 kb)


Section Three - Wood Products 

Michigan Forest Industry (774 kb)

Getting Wood to Market (1072 kb)


Section Four - Forest Recreation 

Forest Ownership & Recreation Activities (549 kb)


Section Five - Balance 

A Forestry Primer (162 kb)

Forest Management Systems (185 kb)

Tree Planting (186 kb)



On-line Index



This website was developed and created by Michigan State University Extension for the teachers of the State of Michigan.