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Wood and wood derivatives are found in thousands of products that Americans use each day.  Many of these products may not even bring wood to mind.   Cellulose is a complex sugar molecule that is the essential part of wood that make wood woody.  Cellulose is often blended with plastics, cement, and other materials to add qualities to various products.  Football helmets,  rayon clothing, toothpaste, food additives and thickeners, and sandwich bags are all good examples of composite materials that contain wood components. 

Most people probably think of solid wood products when they think of wood construction products.  There are materials such as lumber, particle board, and oriented strand board (waferboard).  It also includes items like furniture, fence posts, toothpicks, tool handles, and hundreds of other products easily identifiable as being made out of wood.  Michigan has hundreds of companies that make wooden products.  "GlueLam", "Cross-Laminated Timber" and other engineered wood products are increasingly being used in building construction, including tall buildings as a high as 19 stories.

Paper products also commonly come to mind, and there are hundreds different kinds of paper, tissues, cardboard, and related products.   The "Levi's" label on their jeans is made from a specialty paper manufactured at the paper mill in Munising.  There isn't a day when we don't use something made out of paper, from cereal boxes in the morning to newspapers in the evening.  Imagine life without toilet paper!  Interestingly, "paper" money is made from cotton and linen, with no wood-based paper products.

Energy in various forms can be produced from wood.  Firewood is the most traditional form.  However, existing technologies exist to efficiently and cleanly produce both heat and electricity from wood.  Heat is most efficiently distributed through a hot water system.  Pellets and briquettes can be made from wood to supply specially-built stoves and furnaces.  Much of Europe and New England now uses advance, fully-automatic pellet furnaces and wood-chip community systems to heat buildings.  In Michigan, the soutwestern counties are "prime" for these cost-effective technologies.  Wood can also be converted to transportation fuels, such as ethanol or biodiesel.  While these technologies have been proven in the laboratory, demo sites, and pilot plants . . . a company has yet to produce commercial quantities of wood-based cellulosic ethanol or other transportation fuel. 

Wood chemicals can be found in many common products.  Cleaning compounds, perfumes, medicines, insecticides, deodorants, and artificial flavorings are some of the things based on wood products, at least in part.   Many of these chemicals are derived from lignosulfates, which is the "glue" that helps hold wood together. 

Lastly, many foods contain tree products.   It's not simply "sawdust" added as fillers!  Fruits and nuts are the most obvious, perhaps.  Cinnamon is tree bark, dried and ground.  Coffee, chocolate, and real vanilla all come from trees.  Torula yeast is found in many food items, including baby food, imitation bacon, breakfast cereals, and some beverages.  Sweeteners can be made from wood that are added to chewing gum, toothpaste, and drugs.   Scientists are working on a new sweetener called xylitol that helps fight tooth decay.  It's a by-product of paper-making. 

Use of wood in Michigan-made products is extensive and diverse.  For a list of hundreds of products, scroll down to the table at the bottom of this page.  However, some of the more interesting, and maybe unusual, products are listed right here.  Lastly, the Michigan DNR maintains a Forest Product Directory that can be queried.  Nearly two thousand entries are listed.


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Product Name Company and Mill Location
Basketball Court Floors Horner Flooring in Dollar Bay, Connor Sports Flooring in Amasa
Bowling Pins and Alleys Brunswick in Muskegon
Corrugated Box Interiors Tenneco in Filer City
Guitars Used by Music Greats Rossi American Hardwoods in South Range
Knives and Knife Handles Marble Arms in Gladstone
"Leather" Levi's Tags Neenah Papers in Munising
National Geographic Magazine Verso Paper in Quinnesec
Paint Stir Sticks Anthony Veneer Company in Escanaba
Snowshoes Iverson's in Shingleton
60% of Your Textbook Paper! NewPage Corporation in Escanaba
Telephone Poles Hydrolake in McBain
Electricity Seven utilities across the state
"Waferboard" (OSB) Louisiana-Pacific in Sagola, Weyerhaeuser in Grayling


Wood Products Made in Michigan
From the Michigan DNR Wood Products Directory
Note:  Some of these products are repeated, due to slight differences in product wording.  Also, a group of products are
not included in this list, such as chemicals, dyes, drugs, food additives, resins, etc.
Affordable Furniture
Crystal Cabinets
4-Sided Cants
6 panel Molded Doorskin
Acoustic Instruments
ADA Signs
Adhesive Coatings
Adirondack Chairs
Advertising Displays
Agricultural Gypsum & Stucco
Air Cargo Pallets
Aircraft Flooring System
Airplane Kits
All-Weather Wicker
Amusement Rides
Animal Bedding
Animal Rockers, Various
Antique Wood
Antique Truck & Auto Parts
Archery Bows & Equipment
Archery Excelsior Bales
Architectural Millwork
Architectural Moldings
Auto Interiors
Auto Interior Panels
Auto/RV Parts & Trim
Automotive & Core Board
Automotive Type Paperboard
Baking Pan Liners
Balance Beams (Gym)
Banjo Parts
Bar Units
Bars, Front & Back
Baseball Bats
Bases, Wood
Bases/Awards, Custom
Baskets, Bushel
Bath & Kitchen Accessories
Beam Structures
Bedroom Groupings
Bedroom, Dining, Upholstery
Beds, Water
Benches,In & Outdoor
Bending &Curved Work
Bent Wood Products
Bent Wood Twig Furniture
Bi-fold, Siding & Flush
Bike Racks, Picnic. Tables
Bird House/Feeders
Bird Toys (Parakeet)
Birdseye Maple
Bleached Market Pulp
Board, Butcher/Chopping
Board, Chalk/Tack/Marking
Board, Perforated
Board, Phoenix
Boards, Lattice
Boat Cabinetry
Boat Parts &Furniture
Boat Repair, Custom
Boat Seats
Boats, Boat Parts
Boats, Hi-Performance
Boats, Pontoon
Boats, Sailboats Custom
Boats, Sports & Fishing
Book Binders
Bowling Pins & Lanes
Bowls, Salad: 6"-20" size
Bows, Cross
Bows, Recurve
Box Blanks
Boxboard, Folding
Boxes, Art
Boxes, Bandsaw
Boxes, Corrugated
Boxes, Fruit
Boxes, Gift
Boxes, Jewelry
Boxes, Pizza, Bakery
Boxes, Specialty
Boxes, Waxed
Boxes, Wood
Boxes, Export
Boxes, Set-Up Rigid
Briquettes, Wood
Broadcast Furniture Cabinets
Broadcast Industrial Furniture
Brooms & Brushes
Buildings, Prefabricated
Buildings, Commercial
Bulletin & Directory Boards
Cabinet Door Cutstock
Cabinet Doors
Cabinet Frames
Cabinet Parts
Cabinet Re-facing
Cabinet & Passage Door
Cabinet, Institutional
Cabinets, Commercial
Cabinets, Gun
Cabinets, Hospital
Cabinets, Household
Cabinets, TV& Stereo
Cabinets, Electric Dart
Cabinets, Gun
Cabinets, Jukebox
Cabinets, Kitchen/Bath
Cabinets, Recreational Vehicle
Cabins, Log
Cabins, Small
Campers, Tent
Candy Wrap & Dairy Packaging
Card Games
Cardboard, Tri-wall Boxes
Cards, Wood Business
Cards, Wood Postcard
Cards, Blister Pack
Cards, Business, Data, Packaging
Cartons, Milk/Liquids
Carts & Boards, Microwave
Carts, Nurse Stations
Carved Birds
Carvings & Sculptures
Carvings: Birds/Fish
Carvings: Indian Pieces
Carvings: Wood, assorted
Case Goods, Promotion
Casings & Wainscoting
Casino Tables
Caskets, Burial
Cedar Lap Siding
Cedar Products
Cedar Shims
Cedarific Cat Litter
Ceiling Systems, Wood
Ceiling Tile (Fiber)
Ceiling Tile/Systems
Cellulose Insulation
Cellulose Components, Wood & Pulp
Cereal, Soap, Food Boxes
Chains, Handmade Cedar
Chairs, Rocking
Chairs, Canvas Sling
Chairs, Institutional
Chandeliers, Wooden
Checking Fixtures
Child Crib, Highchair
Child Tables & Chairs
Children's Rockers
Children’s Wood Toys
China Cabinet/Hutch
Chips, Whole Tree
Christmas Evergreens
Church Structure, Prefab
Clam Shells/Blisters
Clocks, Grandfather
Clocks, Wooden
Closet Access, Hardware
Closet Lining: Red-cedar
Closet Organizers, Wood
Closet Storage System
Cluster Configurations
Coat Racks
Coffins & Urns
Commercial & Residential Interiors
Components: Office System
Composite Board To Size
Conductive Paperboard
Containers, Air Cargo
Containers, Triple Wall
Contemporary Moldings
Cord, Color-Art & Craft
Core Boxes
Corian Fabricator
Cornices, Wooden
Corrugated Board
Corrugated Medium
Corrugated Sheets
Counters, Bank-Store
Countertop Displays
Countertop, Fabricated
Country Furniture
Country Wood Crafts
Crafts, Wooden
Crane Pads
Crates & Boxes, Novelty
Cremation Urns
Cupboards, Free-Standing
Custom Interior Wood
Custom Built Wood Items
Custom Doors/Millwork
Custom Furniture & Cabinet
Custom Homes
Custom Made Pictures
Custom Moldings
Custom Wood Products
Cut Parts, OSB & Plywood
Cutting & Chopping Blocks
Deck Parts
Deck Railing (Rustic)
Delft Ware
Dental Disposable
Dental Office Cabinets
Desk Accessories
Desk Name Panels
Desk Organizers
Die Cuts
Display Case/Racks
Display, Trade/Museum
Displays, Trade Show
Docks, Boat
Docks, Floating, Fishing
Dog Houses
Dog/Kitty Houses
Doll Houses
Dome Prefab Homes
Door & Sash
Door & Window Frames
Door & Window Cut Stock
Door Carvings
Door Core
Door Lights
Doors, Laminated
Doors, Louver
Doors, Panel
Doors, Wood
Doors, Tile & Rail Wood
Doors, Victorian/Storm
Drawer Boxes
Drawer Fronts
Dried 4x4 Surfaced Pine
Dried Sawdust
Dry Kiln Sticks
Ebon-X ™ Synthesized
Educational/Industrial Furniture
Educational Cabinets
Educational Puzzles
Electrical Cable Filler
Elevator Interiors
Engraved Plaques
Entertainment Centers
Excelsior Packaging
Exotic Hardwood Ebony
Expanded Paper Honeycomb
Exterior Architectural Work
Extrusions (Vinyl)
Farm Wagon Racks
Fastfood Bags & Wrappers
Fence Boards
Fence Panels
Fences, Cedar Only
Fertilizer & Seed
Fiber Compounds
Fiberglass & Aluminum Ladders
Fiber Classic & Steel
Field Crates
Fireplace Surrounds
Fishing Floats, Wood
Fishing Rods, Ice
Fishing Tackle
Fixtures, Bank
Fixtures, Bookstore
Fixtures, Custom
Fixtures, Industrial
Fixtures, Store
Flag Poles
Float Glass Containers
Floor Matting, Safety
Flooring, Home & Parquet
Flooring, Portable Basketball
Flooring, Underlayment
Flooring, Portable
Flooring, Sports
Flooring, trailer
Flooring, Tongue & Groove
Folding Portable Stage
Folding Cartons
Folding Material Boxes
Food Service Diecuts
Food Service Waxpaper
Football, Air Hockey
Forage & Dump Boxes
Frame Moldings
Frame, Picture/Mirror
Frames, Misc.
Frames, Upholstery
Frames, Bed/Bedroom Furniture
Frames, Futon Furniture
Free-Standing Seating
Fruitwood, Chips For
Fuel Chips
Furniture Finishing
Furniture Repair & Restore
Furniture Dorm Room, Student
Furniture Ready-To-Assemble
Furniture Remanufactured Office
Furniture Oak Dinettes
Furniture Components
Furniture Design
Furniture Lumber
Furniture Parts
Furniture, Site
Furniture, Unfinished
Furniture, Antique Reproduction
Furniture, Chairs
Furniture, Chairs, Household
Furniture, Church
Furniture, Computer
Furniture, Contract
Furniture, Dining Room
Furniture, Frames
Furniture, Heath Care
Furniture, Hospital
Furniture, Hotel/Motel
Furniture, Household
Furniture, Industrial
Furniture, Juvenile
Furniture, Library
Furniture, Mall & Street
Furniture, Office
Furniture, Outdoor
Furniture, Restaurant
Furniture, School
Furniture, Unassembled
Furniture, Unfinished
Furniture, Upholstered
Furniture, Wicker
Gable Louvers
Galley Rails
Gambrel-Roof Sheds
Games & Gifts, Classic
Games, Paperboard
Games, Table (Wood)
Games, Toys, Puzzles
Garment Hangers, Wood
Gaskets, Paperboard
Gazebo Accessories
Gazebo Kits
Gift Items, Wood
Gifts, Wood, Office/Home
Golf Clubs
Grease/Heat Resistant
Grilling & Smoking
Guard Rails & Posts
Gun Stock Blanks
Gymnasium Bleacher Boards
Hand Carving Tools
Hand Weaving Looms
Handles and/or Knobs
Hardboard Fabrication
Hardwood Pulp
Hi-Gloss Cabinets
Historic Renovations
Hobby Kits
Hobby Stock, Dry Lumber
Hogged Wood Fuel
Home Décor, Craft, Art
Home Packages, Precut
Home Panel Components
Home/Office Accessories
Homes, Open Panel
Homes, Log
Homes, Modular
Homes, Motor
Homes, Panel/Prefab
Household Accessories
Household Crafts
Household Items
Hutches, Chest Drawers
Hydro Poles
Illuminated Signs
Inboard & Outboard
Industrial Dimension Wood Products
Industrial Component
Industrial Wood Products
Industry Filter Paper
Institutional Furniture
Insulated Exterior Panels
Insulation Board
Insulation, Roof
Insulation, Building Wall
Interior Auto Trim
Interior Dunnage
Jacuzzi Spas
Jigs, Fixtures & Moldings
Kant-Sag Hanger
Kitchens & Vanities
Kitty Litter
Labels, Pressure Sensitive
Ladders, Wood
Laminated Profiles
Lamps, Wooden
Lamps, Wooden Wall
Landscape Decking
Lattice, Private Fence
Lawn Furniture
Lawn Ornaments
Lawn Swings
Leather Upholstery
Letters, Wood Cutout
Library Units
Light Weight Printing Paper
Liquid Package/Milk Cartons
Log Home Kits
Log Home Material
Log Style Furniture
Log Style Lumber
Logs, Cabin
Logs, ¼"Tongue/Groove
Louver Products
Louver, Sash, Shutters
Lumber Grading Rules
Lumber, Fire Retardant
Lumber, Grade
Lumber, Kiln Dried
Lumber, Pressure/Treated
Lumber, Rough-Cut
Lumber, Sized
Lumber, Custom Cut Only
Lump & Granular Charcoal
Lunch & Grocery Bags
Lunch Bags
Luxury Sport Boats
Magic Tricks/Illusions
Magician’s Illusions
Mahogany Inboard Runabouts
Manifold Tags Manufactured
Mantels, Wood
Mantle & Wall Clocks
Mantles & Surrounds
Map Of Michigan, Wood
Marker Boards
Mattress Foundations
Mays/Craft Boats, Wood
Meat Smoking Sawdust
Medical Casework
Medical Disposable
Medical Packaging
Medicine Cabinets
Metal Case Goods
Military & Export Packaging
Millwork Items
Misc. Lawn Items
Misc. & Special Cuts
Misc. Wood Products
Mixing Sticks
Molded Parts
Molds & Fixtures
Moulded Panel Doors
Mouldings, Curved
Mouldings, Laminated
Mover’s Dolly
Mulch, Hydro-seeding
Mulch, Landscape/Playground
Musical Instrument Stock
Musical Instruments
Musical, Banjos
Musical, Dulcimers
Musical, Guitars
Musical, Harpsichords
Musical, Mandolins
Musical, Pipe Organs
Musical, Viola &Cello
Musical, Violins
Neon & Wood Signs
New Office Furniture
Note Pads
Office Seating
Office System Parts
Office Systems
Office Trailers
Office & Home Interior
Oil, Cedar Leaf
Oil, Balsam Fir Needle
Oil, Essential
Oriented Strand Board (OSB)
Packaging Materials
Packing Materials
Pads & Partitions
Paint Paddles
Paint & Perforated Hardboard
Paint Paddle Blanks
Pallet Cut Stock
Pallets, Corrugated
Pallets, Recycled
Pallets, Wooden
Pallets, New & Recycled
Pallets, Plastic & Wood
Panel Parts, Fabricated
Panel Siding
Panel, Structural Insulation
Panel, Triangular Wall
Paneling, Tongue & Groove
Panelized Home Packages
Panels, Bond Composite
Panels, Cut-To-Size
Panels, Edge Glued
Panels, Glued-Up
Panels, Laminated
Panels, Laminated Melamine
Panels, Raised Wood
Panels, Recycled
Panels, Slotwall/Display
Paper & Chipboard Sheets
Paper Bowls
Paper Caps/Plugs
Paper Folders & Binders
Paper Hand Towels
Paper Index Tabs
Paper Rolls & Sheets
Paper Tubing, Spiral
Paper, Fine
Paper, Bag & Sack
Paper, Baled
Paper, Carbon & Impact
Paper, Coated Chart
Paper, Coated/Glazed
Paper, Cord & Twine
Paper, Coated Freesheet
Paper, Cups & Napkins
Paper, Disposable
Paper, Envelopes
Paper, Fiber Cans/Drums
Paper, Filter
Paper, Fine Printing
Paper, Food Packaging
Paper, Glossy & Matte
Paper, Ground Wood
Paper, Hexacomb-Expanded
Paper, Kraft Wrapping
Paper, Laminated
Paper, Newsprint
Paper, Office/School/Text
Paper, Packaging
Paper Plates
Paper, Printing
Paper, Recycled
Paper, Sanitary Products
Paper, Sewing Patterns
Paper, Specialty Type
Paper, Tags/Labels
Paper, Technical
Paper, Text & Cover
Paper, Tissue (Bulk)
Paper, Towels
Paper, Twisted Products
Paper, Wax, Rolls & Bags
Paper, Wrapping
Paper, Writing & Printing
Paper/Wood Recycler
Paperboard, Food Service
Paperboard, Foundation & Sus
Paperboard, Rolls & Sheets
Paperboard, Tubes/Cores
Paperboard, Adv. Displays
Paperboard, Light Weight
Paperboard Boxes
Paperboard Packaging
Paperboard Rolls
Paperboard Sheets
Paperboard, Laminated
Particle Board
Paperboard, Industrial
Paperboard, Laminated
Partitions, Chip & Corrugated
Partitions, Chipboard
Partitions/Room Dividers
Partitions, Floor-Ceiling
Patterns & Models, Wood
Patterns, Sewing
Patterns/Model, Metal
Patz Material Movers
Peg Climbers
Pen & Pencil Sets
People Wood Carvings
Pickle Boxes
Pickup Truck Interiors
Picture Frames, Hardwood
Pilam Countertops
Plaques &Trophies, Wood
Plastic Bags, Tapes
Plastic Corrugated
Playground & Gym Structures
Playhouses, Child
Playsets, Commercial & Residential
Plastic Corrugated Returns
Plywood, Curved
Pocket Door Frames
Point Of Purchase
Poly Bags
Pool Cue Stock
Pool Cues
Pop Displays
Porch Posts & Pillars
Porch Steps
Portable Displays
Portfolios, Video Boxes
Potting Soil, Additives
Power Boats
Pre-Assembled Fences
Pre-Assembled Homes
Printing Paper
Privacy Fences
Produce Wrappers, Wood
Prototype Product Development
Pulp, Semi-Chemical Hardwood
Quarter Sawn & Micro Thin
Quality Wood Parts
Quilting Racks
Racks, Clothes Drying
Racks, Wine
Radius Top Windows
Rail Fence
Railing & Spindles
Rails, Stairs & Parts
Raised Access Flooring
Raised Cabinet Doors
Raised Panel Doors
Rakes & Forks
RV Furniture & Cabinets
RV Interiors
Recreational Vehicles
Recognition Awards
Recycled Boxboard
Recycled Drying Sticks
Recycled Paperboard
Redwood Graphic Signs
Reels, Wooden
Relief & In The Round
Reproduction Furniture
Reproduction 1830+ Furniture
Restoration/Wood Items
Restaurant Tables/Booths
Rifle Site-In System
Rocking Chairs
Rocking Horses
Roll Headers, Circular
Roll Headers, 8"-74"
Rolling Wood Ladders
Rolls & Sheets Of Paper
Rosewood Substitutes
Rotary Veneer
Rough Sawn Kiln-dried Lumber
Round Picnic Tables
Roundoak Dining Tables
RTA Bar Units, Stools
RTA Furniture Boxes
RTA Furniture Parts
Rubber Stamps
Sand Boxes
Sash And Door
Sauna Mats
Sawdust Burners
Sawdust For Smoking
School Storage Units
Scrap Paper & Plastic
Screen & Spa Enclosures
Seals, Gaskets
Seat Inserts/Wheelchairs
Seating, Auditorium
Seating, Lounge
Seating, Public
Seating, Transportation
Seats, Mirror, TV racks
Seawall, Wood
Separators, Wood
Shaker Pegs
Shavings (Hog Fuel)
Shavings, Bagged
Shelters, Park/Bus
Shingles & Shakes
Shipping Support Material
Shipping Containers
Shoes, Snow
Shoes, Wooden
Shopping Sag Handles
Siding Boards
Siding, Log
Siding, Pine
Siding, Shiplap
Siding, Beveled Cedar
Siding, Tongue & Groove
Signs & Advertising Displays
Signs, Wooden
Signs, Interior Grocery Store
Signs, Routed Redwood
Signs, Store Identity
Signs, Traffic Control
Silk Screen Frames
Skin-Packaging Board
Snow Fence
Snow Fence Slat, Lathe
Soil Enhancer/Mulch
Solid Surfaces
Solid Wood, Finished & Unfinished
Solid Wood Bends
Solid Wood Furniture
Souvenirs & Novelties
Spacer/Divider, Truckbed
Speaker Boxes
Specialized Cabinets
Specialty Wood Products
Specialty Pallets
Spindle Carving
Spliced Veneer
Spools, Fiber
Sport Equipment, Back Stops
Spun-Fiber Twine/Fabricated
Squares, Furniture/Turnings
Stack Chairs
Stainless Steel Covered
Stairs & Stair Parts
Stairs, Circular & Street
Stairs, Spiral, Curved
Stairs/Moldings, Curved
Stakes, Sod
Stands, Adjust
Steel Rule Dies
Stools, Bar/Counter
Storage Barns/Sheds
Storage Blocks
Store Letters
Stretch Film
Structural Parts
Sub-Assembly Parts
Sun-tanning Units
Support Boards
Survey Stakes
Swings, Glider, Tables
Tongue & Groove Landscape Timbers
Tab Indices
Table Bases
Table Tops
Tables, Bars & Booths
Tables, Conference/Board Room
Tables, End & Coffee
Tables, Hospital Bed
Tables, Household
Tables, Picnic
Tables, Pool
Tables, Tennis/Pool
Tailgates & Sideracks
Tape, Pressure Sensitive
Tape/Labels, Adhesive
Technical Work Station
Telephone Shelves
Thermoforming Tools
Tie Racks
Timbers, Landscape
Tongue & Groove Barrel Planter
Tongue & Groove Paneling & Flooring
Toilet Seat Covers, Paper
Tongue & Groove
Tooling Aids
Tools, Early American Wood
Tops, Corian
Tops, Solid Surface
Tops, Cabinet/Counter
Tops, Counter-Commercial
Tops, Formica
Tops, Wood
Towel Holders
Toys, Farm Style
Toys, Wood, Misc. Types
Toys, Folk
Toys, Noah's Ark
Toys, Toolsets, Locks
Trailers, Boat
Trailers, Commercial
Trailers, Snowmobile
Trailers, Watercraft
Trailers, Walking Floor
Travel Trailers
Tree Spreaders
Trellises & Arches
Trimmings, Auto Industry
Trout Nets
Truck Racks & Frames
Trucks, Cradles & Beds
Truss Tables
Tubes, Hollow Wood
Tubes, Wood Veneer
Under-bed Dressers
Unfinished Flooring
Upholstered Chairs
Upholstery Edgings
Variety Custom Cabinets
Vehicular Components
Veneer Logs
Veneer Lumber
Veneer Sheets
Veneer, Sliced & Rotary
Victorian Gingerboard
Victorian Style Trim
Violin Bows
Wall Hangings, Wood
Wall Panel Systems
Wall Panel/Bookcases
Wall Panels, Exterior & Interior
Wall System, Insulated
Wall Units
Wall, Floor & Table Clocks
Wallboard, Gypsum
Wastepaper Processor
Wood & Metal Office Furniture
Wood & Wire Bound Boxes
Wood Home Accessories
Weather Resistant Board
Weight Training Equipment
Wilderness Chair
Wildlife Decoy Carving
Window Blinds
Window Louvers
Window Shutters
Window Treatments, Wood
Windows & Door Frets
Windows, Wood
Windsor Chairs
Wine Racks
Wishing Wells
Window & Molding Renovating
Wood Art
Wood Cases
Wood Craft Items
Wood Curio Cabinets
Wood Cutting Sticks
Wood Embossing
Wood Flush Doors
Wood Foundations
Wood Gift Boxes
Wood Giftware
Wood Hobby Supplies
Wood Inlays & Lines
Wood Mill Signs
Wood Names, Cutouts
Wood Silhouettes
Wood Slat Benches
Wood Therapeutic Equipment
Wood Tooling Manufacturing
Wood Toys
Wood Veneer Baskets
Wooden Blinds
Wooden Boat Repair
Wooden Boats
Wooden Malls-All Sizes
Woven Wood Shades
Yachts, Large Luxury
Yardsticks & Rulers

The following websites list several hundred products that are made of wood or contain wood products.

University of Kentucky's "Products Made From Wood," by Terry Conners.



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