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Below is a complete materials list to teach the Forestry Unit as described on the main curriculum page

     Resource Source

The Michigan Forests Forever Teachers Guide
Plat books
Michigan Forest History
Land survey / legal descriptions
Compass and pacing course
Map and compass use
Azimuth (not bearing) compasses
100 foot tape
Stakes and flagging


This website - see index box in upper right corner
MSU Extension, County offices, large land management agencies
Brief overview in this Teachers Guide (history module)
Great Lakes Ecological Assessment Reports
     "History of the Lake States Forests:   Natural and Human Impacts"
Michigan Historical Center, The Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC)
Hartwick Pines Logging Museum
Teachers Guide link, see also inside any plat book
Teachers Guide link (compass/pace course)
Teachers Guide link (compass and pacing)
Available in many outdoors stores or try an on-line supplier Forestry Suppliers
Commonly available
Commonly available

What is a forest?
Michigan forest descriptors
Forestry careers
Forest ecology


Teachers Guide link (what is a forest?)
Teachers Guide link (forest descriptors)
Teachers Guide link (careers)
Teachers Guide link (forest ecology)

Tree identification

Tree identification keys
Tree identification characteristics
Taxonomy for USA trees
Tree communities
Soil types and soils triangle
Increment boring for tree age
Wildlife ecology background


For U.P., try the UPTREEID website
A good book is "Trees of Michigan" by Linda Kershaw or
      "Trees of Michigan and the Upper Great Lakes", by Norman F. Smith
Teachers Guide link (ID keys)
Teachers Guide link (ID characteristics)
Teachers Guide link (taxonomy)
Teachers Guide link (communities)
Teachers Guide link (soils)
Teachers Guide link (increment borer)
Teachers Guide link (wildlife ecology)

Tree height measurement stick (hypsometer)
Measuring stand density (basal area)
Diameter tapes
100 foot tapes (or chain tapes-66 feet)
Teachers Guide link (hypsometer)
Teachers Guide link (penny gauges)
Available from Forestry Suppliers
Commonly available


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